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1 ♥ Brought to you by Gina

Hey everyone!

In addition to being addicted to incense, I have an even stronger addiction and that is to my cell phone and my APPS. I am an avid Android user and I loooooove apps. I can’t even tell you how many apps I have on my phone. To top it off, I’m always looking for more. LOL.

Today I’m going to share with you, 3 of my all time faves.


Taskade is an awesome app that lets you make lists and notes. You can create checklists, notes, and outlines and the best part is, you can share them with others. My girls and I have our ToDo List there, as well as, our shopping lists so that we are always on the same page. All changes will sync to everyone’s phone.

An even cooler thing is that it has a web app that you can use as well that syncs with everything too. I love that I can log in to Taskade on my computer, take notes, add images, check things off, and all of it syncs everywhere.

You can use Taskade for your ToDo lists, as a bullet journal, for project outlines, for travel planning, for saving ideas, and anything else you want. They even provide some free templates!

Taskade is FREE and is available for iPhone as well for all of you Apple users. 🙂


If you like tracking your moods or making super quick diary entries, Daylio is the app for you.

Daylio is a micro-diary app that allows you to add your daily activities to it and they show up as icons that you can quickly select.

Each day you receive a reminder to make an entry and you add whatever activities you want for the day and then add your mood for the day and an optional quick note.

The app provides really cool statistics for your moods and activities. It also safely backs up your entries via your private Google Drive.

Daylio is FREE with a paid upgrade for more features.


Digit will help you save money without even thinking bout it.

You connect the app to your checking account and when you can afford it, Digit moves money into your Digit account for you. You can withdraw your money at any time for free.

You also earn 1% annually on your Digit savings. That’s 15X more than most savings accounts.  All funds held within Digit are held at FDIC-insured banks and insured up to a balance of $250,000 and Digit uses bank-level SSL 128-bit encryption securely protects your funds and sensitive personal information.

I love looking opening it up and seeing money in there that I’ve saved without even knowing it.

Digit is free for 30 days, and only $2.99/month thereafter and you can cancel at anytime.

2 ♥ Brought to you by Lexi

Say My Name…

When I’m not writing these amazing blogs, I’m a waitress. No, this isn’t going to be a list of things I hate about it. (We don’t have that kind of time.)

The other day, a customer of mine reprimanded me for not telling him my name. He said I would make more money if I stated my name upon greeting him. Now, with his terrible attitude aside, it made me wonder; is this grumpy old man right?

I’ve been a server for almost 10 years. In the early days, I had my greet speech down. I proudly told patrons my name and provided service worthy of royalty. The tips flowed in; some good, some bad. Grateful for what I received, I went along with my life. I never considered that saying my name had anything to do with the amount of money I was making.

Over the years, I’ve stopped telling people my name. I’ve found that they tend to use it too much and it can become slightly overwhelming.

So I’m here to ask your opinion. do you prefer your server to say their name when greeting you? Does it affect their tip? Why or why not? Comment below.

3 ♥ Brought to you by Mandi

As promised, today I’ll be telling you guys what I’ve manifested since starting our journey. Before I do, I want to thank the Universe for everything that I have and everything I continue to receive each and every day, starting with just waking up in the morning. There was no guarantee that I’d wake up this morning or any other morning for that matter, yet here I am. So thank you Universe.

So far, I’ve manifested about $50 in scratch-off winnings, coupon savings, or gifts, but what I’m most excited to talk about is the Evenflo Ultra-Lightweight Stroller worth $130 that I will be receiving soon in the mail that I got FOR FREE! That’s right, I literally woke up to an email one day offering me free products from Evenflo and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I was just talking with my mom a couple weeks ago about wanting a new stroller, that wasn’t too heavy and easily compacted into my car and that’s exactly what I got. Ask and you shall receive-another one of my new beliefs.

To check out the stroller I mentioned click the link above and let me know what you guys think!

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