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I’m not a big birthday “celebrater”… I don’t really like to be the center of attention or have people make a fuss over me.  😀

Last week I saw this quote while scrolling on Facebook “Make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous”. I loved it, but I changed yesterday to “tomorrow”. I’m a rebel like that. I am a Scorpio after all. Just read the first paragraph on this page!

I decided I wanted today to be so awesome that even tomorrow will get jealous!

Since today is my birthday, I decided to make this printable wall art with this, ahem, “new” quote and make today awesome… without a fuss. LOL

If you like this quote and want a reminder to keep tomorrow jealous, download this freebie today below.

Also, cruise over to our FAQ page for more information about our printables and tips on getting them printed.

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